The Impact of Mobile Loyalty

Posted by Mariah McDonald on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 09:00 AM



In a world that's becoming increasingly more mobile-centric, the ability to market to mobile users is a great tool for the convenience store industry. According to the Pew Research Center, about 77% of Americans own a smartphone. A large percentage such as that gives you the opportunity to 1) connect with a wider audience and 2) market your offers to them in a more convenient way (and get them in store). 

In "Mobile Offers Continue to Increase Sales in Convenience Industry," Koupon Media reportedly delivered over 730 million mobile offers to 108 million customers - driving 155 million trips to convenience stores. In their 2018 State of the Industry report, Koupon also states that consumers redeeming mobile offers tend to spend 6.3% more in basket spend.

Success stories such as those highlight the importance of mobile in the c-store space. Curtis Tingle of Valassis said, "Since smartphones and social networking exploded into the mainstream, customers have had access to information at their fingertips 24/7...this holds great promise and presents a great opportunity to get their brands in front of a captive audience" (Marketing to Today's Mobile Consumer). 

At Tecmark, we understand the need for a mobile presence in this growing industry. Not only do we offer multi-channel digital enrollment methods and communications, but our new mobile app can also showcase your loyalty offers - as shown below. 


The ability to display your offers and actual pictures of your offers can motivate your members even more to stop in and redeem said offers. After all, the more people you can communicate to and connect with, the more people that will come into your store - the more people that come into your store, the more your in-store sales will increase.

See how Tecmark can help you incorporate mobile into your business and further connect you to your customers.

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