The One Factor That Will Make or Break Your Rewards Program

Posted by Mariah McDonald on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

 There are many ways to measure the success of a rewards program - we have previously written about what it takes to create a successful program, but there is one factor that has the power to either make or break your program:

Sales Associates.

Think about your favorite coffee shop that has their own rewards program: is the Sales Associate asking if you are a rewards member every time you stop in? 

If not, then your loyalties might not lie 100% with this particular coffee shop. Perhaps the coffee shop across the street asks you that question during every visit, and you've even gotten various perks or discounts because of it. Which coffee shop would you feel values your business more? The one that makes a consistent effort to reward you or the one that doesn't seem to acknowledge your loyalty?

The situation above is a perfect example of how vital Sales Associates are to your rewards program. You can offer the best rewards program benefits around, but if customers aren't being notified or prompted of those benefits, your program won't reach its potential for success.

How Sales Associates Can Make Your Program Successful:

  • Ask each and every customer if they are a rewards member.

Sales Associates are the bridge between your business and your customers. They have the most interaction with your customers, so it's crucial for them to use that interaction to ask the customers if they are a rewards member. What if your competitors are asking all of their customers that question? It's highly likely that customers will gravitate to the place they feel more valued and rewarded at.

  • Learn and understand the program benefits

Your Sales Associates should be the biggest advocates for your program. They should know the program front to back and be able to share that knowledge with customers. If a customer is unsure how to enroll into the program, the Sales Associate should be able to instruct them. If a customer doesn't think it's "worth it" to join the program, the Sales Associate should share how easy it is and how many great benefits they could receive (plus, it's FREE to join!)

  • Listen closely to customer feedback.

As the Sales Associates are the ones communicating with the customers, there will be many times where a customer will share their feedback about the program. That feedback could range anywhere from "I wish there were more discounts on bakery products" or "I think it takes too long to earn my $5 reward." Any feedback is good feedback and an opportunity to improve your rewards program and make your customers feel even more valued.

There are various ways to get your Sales Associates to promote your rewards program:

  1. Training: Include handouts describing benefits and lines for them to say  ("Would you like to sign for our rewards program? It's free and you can earn free and discounted products!")
  2. Incentives: "If we get x amount of transactions this month, you'll get a gift card"
  3. Belief in the program: Get them to participate in the program! The more they are rewarded, the more they will believe in the program and be able to share that belief with customers.

A successful rewards program all starts with your Sales Associates. Without them on board, you risk losing your customers to your competitors.

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