Three ways to boost customer retention

Posted by Rick Boubelik on Mon, Sep 12, 2016 @ 10:00 AM


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Every business needs to treat each customer like they are a valuable asset. If done correctly, this will develop a strong relationship of trust and appreciation. It will also eventually turn into loyalty for many years to come.

Are your customers as loyal to your brand as those of Apple, Zappos, and Google? If you need some help with customer retention, consider these three strategies:

Provide the best customer service

According to Microsoft’s Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, about 98 percent of customers say that customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand or organization. About 56 percent of U.S. customer service expectations have also grown in the last year, meaning companies will need to be more responsive and active on multiple platforms than ever before.

Based on this research, businesses should leverage social media channels as a part of their customer service operations. Responding quickly to tweets, Facebook comments and more are crucial to keeping customers satisfied. Several companies like Dell and Comcast even have devoted social media teams that do nothing but customer service. A social media management tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social will be helpful to small businesses to help monitor the conversation in real time. For larger businesses, tools like Radian6 and Sysomos are helpful.

Give your customers perks or rewards

Want to know one of the biggest secrets to making your customers loyal? Give them perks or rewards. Every company should involve their customers in their marketing efforts by asking them what type of perks or rewards they would need to offer to keep their business. Doing so will help your customers to feel like you care about their input and will also allow you to implement the most effective programs. You should also consider offering free prizes as giveaways and through contests on social media. This will help your customers be excited about what your brand offers and it will attract new people as well, which is always nice.

Be personal with your communication

No one likes to talk to a business that they feel does not understand their likes and interests. For example, if you shop for high fashion clothes and a company sends you coupons for clothes at a budget department store, you’re likely to just throw them away. Take the time to understand what your customers want and need by conducting research into your target audiences. Based on the findings from your research, you should then develop strong relationships with your customers. One of the best ways to do this is through email. Studies show that email is a lot more personal to a customer, especially if it’s addressed to them by name. Maximize the amount of leads from your email by making the tone of the email conversational and tailored to the likes and interests of your target audience.

With so much competition in today’s marketplace, you can’t afford losing customers to businesses that offer similar products and/or services as you do. Creating a loyal base of customers is crucial and while the steps above can help, it can still be complicated to do it right. The best thing to do is to utilize a platform that will help provide you with the best opportunities to foster loyal customers. We offer a wide range of services from our Simpli Rewards platform to help you design and operate a worry-free and successful rewards program.

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