Use Surprise and Delight to Increase Loyalty

Posted by Mike Anderson on Tue, Oct 03, 2017 @ 08:12 AM

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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs surprise and delight their best customers by providing them an incentive to keep coming back to your store. Loyalty programs help build relationships with customers and help turn them into advocates for your brand. One way to build loyalty at your store is to offer  member only promotions as well birthdays or an anniversary rewards. Coupons or a percent off their favorite items work well to keep them coming back.

With so much competition in today’s marketplace, you can’t afford to lose customers to businesses that offer similar products and/or services as you do. Creating a growing base of loyal customers is crucial to increasing revenues and profits. Utilize a platform that will help provide you with the best opportunities to attract and retain loyal customers. Tecmark's Reward Programs offer a wide range of services from our Simpli Rewards platform to help you design and operate a worry-free and successful rewards program. Click here to request a demo today.


Specific Targeted Mobile Text Promotions

Sending specific and targeted marketing via text messaging gives you the ability to reach your best customers instantly. You can tailor your message by promoting specific products of your choosing that will drive them in store, increasing revenue and profit.

Marketing via text message is the most effective ways to get a specific offer to your most loyal customers. 


Personalize your Message for Profit

The companies that best use an omni channel marketing strategy do so during each interaction with customers. Customers expect a seamless, relevant and personalized experience across all digital channels of communication, so it’s important that C-Stores deliver an experience that builds customer loyalty and makes them feel valued on a personal level.

A targeted marketing and promotions strategy utilizing an omni channel approach develops customers that connect to your brand, creates awareness and allows for a better customer experience by receiving relevant offers. 

Target Promotions through Social Media

Targeted Personal Promotions using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter help build brand awareness while expanding your overall market reach. By utilizing these digital marketing channels you are able to take advantage of the power of social media by giving your existing customers a reason to come back while enticing new customers to stop by your store.

Make sure your promotions have a value proposition by offering specials to people who follow your store on Twitter or like you on Facebook. Give them a reason to act or a call to action. Examples include offering a discount during a happy hour promotion on fountain drinks or a BOGO on a certain candy or food item for people who like or share your page.


Let Tecmark Help you Start an all digital Loyalty Program! Contact us today to learn more!

At Tecmark, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed by connecting with their customers. Whether you are just starting to communicate to your customers or looking for a fully customizable rewards program, we can help guide you.    

With our flexible solutions and over 15 years of experience, we are happy to share our ideas for rewards program success.  A well-planned and executed rewards program will create new customers, increase spend and grow revenue for your business. Tecmark is your loyalty program partner, there to help you each step of the way.

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