What's on your C-Store Shopper's Mind? Weight Management.

Posted by Krista Lessard on Thu, Mar 12, 2015 @ 02:46 PM

89 percent of c-store shoppers currently participate in some type of loyalty/reward program across a variety of channels and categories, but only 35 percent of c-store shoppers participate in a convenience store or gas station loyalty program (General Mills).

So, why aren't c-store shoppers joining their loyalty programs? First, there is a large gap in convenience stores that have a loyalty program. Then, there is the issue of satisfying the loyalty members of your program. In fact, only 35 percent of c-store/gas station loyalty members are satisfied with their current program (General Mills).

77 percent of c-store shoppers are trying to maintain or lose weight (General Mills). In fact, 81 percent of c-store shoppers wish there were more foods available to help them manage their weight. 51 percent of bar buyers admit that they would eat healthier if it were more convenient. Bars are ranked number one in terms of food at c-stores to help with weight management. Top reasons weight managers purchase bars at c-stores include:

1. The bars are low-calorie.

2. They feel good about eating them.

3. They have a great taste.

4. The bars prevent them from overeating.

C-store shoppers obviously want healthier foods that help them achieve their weight loss and management goals. These bars also have to taste great, be affordable, and be easy to eat on-the-go. Bars are a great answer for these needs. Take this beyond bars by implementing these needs into your marketing strategy across your store. Highlight taste and weight-friendly benefits.

Here is the infographic from General Mills explaining weight management and loss in convenience stores and how to use this for your marketing strategies:


You can implement this c-store marketing strategy into your loyalty marketing campaigns. Highlight healthier options in your emails and texts to your customers. Download our whitepaper including ten tips for customer rewards program success and start bringing your customers back in store today!

Ten Tips for Customer Rewards Program Success

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