Millennials, Loyalty & C-Stores, A Love Story

Posted by Mike Anderson & Meghan Murphy on Mon, Jun 19, 2017 @ 09:10 AM


In our blog series on Millennials we have covered what they want in a rewards program, how to market to them, how to use texting and social media to draw them into your store, so now we want to discuss WHY Millennials are being drawn towards your c-store in the first place. According to Convenience Store News, Millennials account for a third of all c-store traffic. Learn how a Tecmark All Digital Loyalty Program helps increase traffic from this powerful demographic, schedule a call or request a demo today!

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*Graphic from Beaconstac


Millennials are frequenting c-stores for more than just filling up their cars, other generations are known for stopping for gas and nothing else. But Millennials are different. In fact, Jeff Lenard of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is adamant that the future of convenience stores is food sales, not gas. (source)

Millennials are more likely to stop and buy items — particularly food items — at convenience stores than any other age group, says Lenard, "That's why the future of convenience stores is food — not gas," adding "Millennials are particularly attractive to convenience stores because they are the best "impulse" buyers."

Millennials Shop Quickly, Impulsively & Socially

But what does this mean for retailers? According to a study conducted by Coca-Cola, retail operators should:

  • Market to millennials in the moment; 
  • Deliver differentiated experiences; 
  • Cater to their impulsiveness; and 
  • Be on trend and on budget. 


*Graphic from Convenience Store News


What do Millennials find appealing about C-stores?

  • For food and beverage stops, convenience stores are almost twice as important to Millennials — consumers ages 18 to 34 — as fast-casual restaurants, says Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst at NPD Group.
  • Deals and food service are one of the main reasons that savvy Millennials are flocking to c-stores as one of their preferred retail spaces for buying food and drinks. (source)
  • With an average visit lasting only 3 to 4 minutes, c-stores offer Millennials the “get in and get out” experience they tend to prefer. In fact, for food and beverages, USA Today reports that convenience stores are almost twice as important to Millennials as fast-casual restaurants.(source)
  • Targeted Mobile offers with a Tecmark Loyalty Program can further increase that level of convenience by providing easily accessible promotions in an app, text or mobile web page, capable of being delivered in real time to a consumer while they are in the store. (source)

Learn how a Tecmark Loyalty Program can help achive an increase in revenue, basket size and most of profits. Learn how today!

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